Cruisers and Minis

Meet Team Daisy


Daisy Skate is fun new brand just for girls. Although we sell skateboards, our roots dig into what makes girls tick. Whether you’re a hard core skater, someone who just wants to cruise a longboard or a girl that has never even tried skating, Daisy has something you’ll love. We are all about comfort, confidence and a style you can make your own. Catch the vision of Daisy and you will find that it’s all about you.
We are looking for girls ages 8-18 that have a story to tell. If you want to share, just drop us a line. We want to spotlight what makes you Daisy.
  • Are you a soccer player that likes to skateboard?
  • Are you a surfer that needs wheels to get to the beach?
  • How about a dancer that just wants to cruise the driveway with friends.

Tell us all about you. Send Email Here

Ella10 years old | Southern California
Ella just got her first Daisy Skate longboard. She is learning to cruise it through the neighborhood and loves the fun she is having. Her favorite thing about being Daisy is wearing what she wants and not trying to please the crowd.

Coming soon to a skate shop near you